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  • I didn't have time to create a new video so I just posted one of my older YouTube videos above to show you how it works. See how the video shows up perfectly on this page? And all I had to do is copy and paste the video URL from YouTube into the little video box in the back office, click submit... and that's all there is to it!
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This is one of the easiest systems to use that I've ever seen, and now ANYONE can create their own lead capture page branding themselves with just a few clicks of a button.

I've been looking for a system like this to promote to my students for a very long time... but nothing out there ever really grabbed my attention.

So when I finally met with the programmers of this system, I saw that there were a few things missing that I'd still like to see that I recommended to them. 2-weeks later, I get an e-mail back from the guys and they had implemented almost all of my suggestions on the spot.

I kind of like the guys who put this system together. They've been through my 90-day challenge and they teach people some of my basic strategies for how to get leads and traffic for FREE.

But, what I found is still missing from this system is that they don't teach you all the SUPER affiliate strategies that I know.

I've create millions of dollars online using some very SPECIFIC little-known strategies that I have never really taught anyone else before. (Not even Jimmy.)

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